Expert Tips for Dealing with the White Screen on Tvmob Firestick

Are you using Tvmob to watch TV shows, TV channels, and movies on Firestick? Tvmob is not an approved or authorised application by Amazon. still, you are using it. Anyway, sometimes a white screen shows on Firestick when the text banner is on. Let’s discuss why it is happening and what is the solution for the white screen on Tvmob.

white screen on tvmob

what is Tvmob

Tvmob is a third-party application which is offers you to watch tv shows and movies on firestick. You can also watch live tv channels like sports channels and local cable channels. it is a free-to-use application so attracts people to use though it is not approved by Amazon.

1-illegal- TV mob is not authorized by Amazon and accessing copyrighted content, may lead you to legal issues.

2-unsafe to use- Tvmob is an unauthorized application. You may compromise with your device security. Your device may be affected by malware, viruses, and stealth data, and this affects your system’s running process.

3-unstable –There are many reports available on the internet of its crashing. It is also said that the application often crashes, and buffers, and its link is also broken.

Cause behind the white screen on tvmob

1-Tvmob related problems

Mvmob app problem- If any file or data gets corrupted within the TV Mob app, it results in a white screen.

Compatibility problem –Tvmob may not be completely compatible with the latest updated Firestick .

Server issue- Sometimes there is an issue in the TVmob server also. There is an outage or technical difficulty in the Tvmob server.

2-firestick related problems-

Software problems- There may be software glitches in Firestick software which can cause a white screen.

Lack of memory– If you are running multiple apps at the same time and your Firestick suffers a memory shortage issue then your screen is also affected resulting in a white screen.

Hardware problem-sometimes your firestick may have some hardware problems and due to this your display is affected.

HDMI problem HDMI cable may be loose or faulty creating a display problem.

Weak internet connection problems may arise due to poor internet connection.

Solving the problem white screen on tvmob firestick

First, try the basic steps to troubleshoot your firestick.

1-restart your firestick-unplug your firestick.

Wait for one minute.

Plug in again. any temporary software glitches will be solved by this process.

Check the HDMI cable connection-check your connection and make sure your HDMI cable is properly connected to Firestick and tv.

Use genuine power adaptor- Always use the power adaptor that comes with a fire stick. Using another power adaptor may not supply sufficient power.

Troubleshoot tvmob

1st method- Clear tvmob cache- To catch any glitch in tvmob clear the tvmob cache and data.

For this go to “settings”

Click on “Applications”

Then move to “manage installed applications”

Scroll to “tvmob”

Click on” clear cache” and “clear data”.

2nd method is to uninstall the tvmob app from Firestick and then reinstall it. This process can also help to fix corrupted files.

Go to “settings”.

Then “applications”

Next” manage installed applications”.

Scroll down to “tvmob’.

Then click on “uninstall”.

Then search on Google and reinstall it.

You can try a different app and see if the white screen issue still occurs. You will know where the root of the problem lies.

You can also update Firestick.

Goto settings > my first> about > check for updates.

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I think the method given in this article will solve the white screen on Tvmob. Always use apps from trusted site to get better results and secure from malware ,virus and other system related problems.

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