How to download ilml tv on firestick effortlessly 2024

Are you getting tired of cable tv for its poor picture quality and expensive bills. Want to try something new. Here is an alternative called Ilml tv . You will be feeling more exited when you will know that you can watch it with your Fire stick. So in this article we will discuss on how to download ilml tv on fire stick and watch tv .

how to download ilml tv on firestick

What is ilml tv

Before we know how to download ilml tv on fire stick first lets know what is ilml tv .

Ilm tv is a online streaming platform that offers tv shows, live tv and movies .You can watch more than 500 channels with ilml tv Its subscription fees is only$20 /month starts with basic plan .

It has 10000 on demand titles. You can watch content from all over the world. Apart from this ILML tv offers a huge quantity of on demand contents. You can save then to your watch list to watch them latter.

You can watch ilml tv with smart phones, tablets, smart tvs, streaming devices and gaming consoles.

How to download ilml tv on firestick

Download ilml tv on firestick  using downloader app

  1. Look for a hdmi port om your smart tv and insert your firestick in that port to connect the device to tv .
  2. Turn on the firestick device and connect to internet.
  3. Now go to the home screen of your firestick .Look for search icon .Type “downloader” in search box and click search.
  4. Choose the downloader and click on “get “ option to install the downloader to your device . Now go back to home screen of your firestick and find the downloader.
  5. Lunch the downloader, then navigate to the app setting and enable java script.

6-Log in to your account .

Download ilml tv on fire stick

1-After opening the downloader app,navigate to downloader app main screen and find url box and type url or paste url of ilml tv apk .

2-Wait for ilml TV app to show up on screen and after that click on download/done button to start download ilml tv on firestick .

3 -goto the downloaded apk file of ilml tv and install the apk .

4- Next step is to log in to you ilml account and watch your favourite content.

Merits and demerits of ilml tv


1- cheaper than cable tv price and quite affordable.

2-Huge numbers of contents with a wide range of varieties and large quantity of on demand contents.

3-You can watch content from all over the world.


1You can’t get any free trial to satisfy your pre activation process.

2-Some channels may be in sd quality not available in hd  .

3-Customer support is limited.

Alternative methods to watch ilml tv on firestick .

Using ES file explorer

Step-1 Download ES file explorer- Go to fire stick home screen .Search Es file explorer app.

Step –2 Download the app and click on install.

Step-3 Open setting > my fire tv > developer option.

Step -4 In the menu section enable app from unknown sources.

Step -4 download the ilml apk .

Step-5 After the download process complete go o ES file explorer of your fire stick.

Step-6 Move to download folder and find ilml apk file and install it.

Step -7 Once installation process completes navigate to my app and games of your firestick home screen and lunch the app.

Using casting devices

If you have any casting device like chromecast connected to your smart tv you can cast your ilml tv using any phone or tablet.

This method works when you’re casting device and are on the same wifi network.

Just open the Ilml tv app on your smart phone and click on cast icon.

Choose your casting device and start your streaming journey .

Ilml tv plans

Ilml tv has three plans for their subscribers.

Basic plan – This plan is pricing at $20/month .

You can access 500 channels and 10000 on demand channels in this plan. You can stream on tow devices simultaneously.

You will allow to store 50 hrs of dvr storage.

Standard plan – Standard plan costs $30 /month. You can watch 1000 on demand channels and 20000 titles in this plan .You can stream on 4devices at a time and can store 100 hrs of dvr storage.

Premium plan – Price of this plan is about $40/month .You can enjoy all feature of standard plan at this price .

Additionally you can access 1500 channels and 30000 on demand titles .You can watch on 6 devices simultaneously and can store 200 hrs of dvr storage .

If you want to buy a plan or any purchase related quary please click here on ilml official website

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can I access Ilml tv for free on firestick .

No you can,t watch ilml tv on firestick, you have to purchase a subscription plat to use ilml tv on firestick .

Is ilml a legitimate website?

Yes it is legal and safe to use.


I think you can now download ilml tv on firestick easily. Always download apps from trusted sources .You may use vpn to keep your data safe . Enjoy your streaming.

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