Youtube to m4a

M4a stands for mpeg4 audio which stores audio file in advance audio coding (AAC). Can you convert videos of youtube to m4a ?Yes you can do this in 2 ways.

youtube to m4a

Convert you tube to m4a

.1-Using online converter

You can use online converter to convert Youtube to m4a.

Just copy desired YouTube file link and paste in specified box of converter.

Choose the format as m4a of the output file.

Click on the ‘download”button.

There are few popular online converters which is available in internet. You can open the sites by links given below



Online video covertor-

Pros and cons of these online convertors

Pros-You can get these converters online just by searching in web browser. Just copy the youtube video link  and paste on converter .So this is easy to use.

These converters supports various audio format and customised quality options.

Some high end converters offer merging audio files .

Cons-These converters runs online and dependant on internet so large files require more times to process.

These softwares may have file limitations.

These are required monthly subscriptions and if not then you have to watch some boring advertisements.

2- desktop softwares

You can download these softwares to your desktop or laptop and install on your system. You can use these softwares offline whenever you requires. Here are some popular softwares you can download. Click on the links below.

Freemake video downloader-

4k video downloader-

Ytd video downloader-

Pros and cons

You have more control over these types of softwares.

Your download speed is faster than online convertors.

Cons- you have to download and install these types of softwares.

What is m4a

M4A is a a digital audio format which full form is mpeg4 audio. It stores data using advance audio coding system. it uses lossy compression process to store audio files .

Key features of m4a format-

High quality-aac is a very high quality audio codec.It produces very high quality audio even after compression.

High range of supports– It has supported a large number o formats and can be played on maximum devices.

Preferred by iphone- This format is used by iphones as default itunes and also it is used in ipods.

Can m4a contain video

No this type of files are coding for high quality audio only.

Is mp3 is better than m4a

M4a uses aac coding to convert files which is a advance system as compared to system used in mp3.So m4a audio quality is better than mp3.

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