How to remove family account on cash app easiest guide 2024

Do  you don’t want to share your financial information with your family in cash app ? Ok don’t worry in this article we will discuss on how to remove family account on cash app.

remove family account on cash app

Steps to remove family account on cash app

Option-1 remove family account on cash app

To remove family account on cash app you can follow below process.

1-open cash app on your phone.

2-Go to profile or account section by tapping on that icon.

2-Find the option “family accounts” and tap on it.

4-then select the account you want to remove.tap on remove button to remove that account.

Option-2 leaving the family account

Open cash app on your phone and tap on profile.

Go to family and friends.

Tap on manage family.

You can now get the option leave family .select this one.

Tap once again on “leave family” to confirm.

how do i delete a linked account on cash app

open cash app on your phone.

Navigate to profile icon.

Select support from the menu and select something else.

Move to account setting.

Tap on unlink bank account and again tap on unlink.

Wait till a pop up massage shows.

What is the family sharing on cash app

Teen agers or children of under 18 can’t have direct access to cash app.

So cash allows parents to sponsor under age children to use the app.

How sponsorship workswhat parents have to do

Parents or adults have to download the app first and then verify their account.

Then open the profile and select family.

Then invite a teen to join cash app or if any teen applies then adults have to approve their sponsorship.

What teens have to do

Teens have to download the app and enter the referral code provided by their parents.

Then send a request to sponsor to their parents.

Once their parents or guardian approves their request teens can use the cash app separately.

Teens have separate cash balance in their account.

Once the sponsorship process completes teen agers can enjoy facilities like

P2p transfer- teen users can send and receive money from other cash app users.

Cash card- they can get a cash card which is physical debit card .They can use this card for any purchase on online or offline stores.

Direct deposit – they can receive direct paychecks in their cash app.

Investment- Teens can invest in bit coin and shares through cash app.

How to delete cash app account

Before deleting cash app or closing cash app account first make cash app account balance to nil or zero.

For this transfer all cash balance to your linked bank account or transter the balance to other cash app user.

To cash out tap on balance tab of your cash app.

Enter the amount you want to transfer or cash out.

Select the bank account in which you want to receive the amount.

At last tap on cash out and your money will be in your desired account in few time.

Check your cash app account balance when it shows zero balance then you can delete your cash app.

Go to top right corner of your cash app and tap on profile.

Then scroll down and you will find “support” ,tap on “support”.

Then choose “something else’.

Tap on account setting.

Now tap on “close my cash app account”.

Confirm your request.

Can I switch between bank accounts on cash app

Open cash app and go to profile section.

Open profile and tap on linked bank account.

Select the bank account you want to remove or replace.

How to add  bank account

Tap on banking tab.

Select” link bank” option.

Enter bank account number ,banking code and all necessary details .

Add bank account.

Follow the prompts.


In this article we are discussed on methods to remove family account on cash app and also some related questions .Hope this article will solve your problem. In near future we will post more topic related to cash app. so stay connected.

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