Very quick steps on How to reset sonos arc 2024

Sonos is a famous brand of wireless sound systems. Whenever your Sonos Arc sound bar has any errors or problems regarding good quality, you may think of selling or need some technical support. To reset sonos arc sound bar, you need to read the user manual and instructions given by the manufacturer company.

But wait before taking any action; first, read this article. In this article, you can learn how to reset a Sonos Arc device without opening it or taking it anywhere outside. Resetting the Sonos arc can solve software-related issues, such as connectivity problems, sound quality problems, etc. The device will begin to work as a fresh and new one. Follow the step-by-step process mentioned below to reset Sonos arc

how to reset sonos arc

Steps on how to reset sonos arc

To switch off the device, press the infinity button of the Sonos arc for a few seconds.

Then unplug the power cord of the device to make sure of any chance of power supply to the device.

While holding the infinity button, plug your SONOS ARC back into the power supply. Press continuously till the light on the device turns from white to yellow and green finally at last after a few times.

When the green light flashes, then release the infinity button.

Now, your sonos arc reset to the factory setting.

This process is about 40 to 50 seconds.

But when you reset Sonos arc, all your saved playlists, songs, and data will lost. You have to re-create all the playlists and vocals once again after resetting your device.

Problems can be solved by reset sonos arc

1-Connection problem –When you reset your Sonos arc, the problem related to connectivity with your network can be solved, and you can now connect to wifi again.

2-Audio problems Any related problems of up and down in audio, noise and any reduction in quality of audio can be solved by resettling the SONOS ARC device. 

3-Hanging issue: If any button is not working correctly and is unresponsive continuously, then you can go for a reset and fix the problem.

If your problem persists, there may be any hardware-related problem, and you can contact the SONOS support team.

How do I connect my Sonos to my TV

using an optical cable –For this, your TV must have an optical audio output port.

You can connect your SONOS to the TV using an optical audio cable.Insert both sides of the thread, one side with the TV and the other side with the speaker.

Use Arc HDMI – You can connect your TV to the SONOS speaker using an HDMI cable.

For this, your TV must have an arc HDMI cable port.

Connect one side of the cable to the TV, inserting the line in the HDMI port and the other side of the cable to the Sonos speakers port.

Use Bluetooth –For this, your TV should have Bluetooth in it, and your SONOS speaker must also have Bluetooth compatibility.

1– activate the Bluetooth mode of your SONOS speaker.

2-Put the Bluetooth of the SONOS speaker in pairing mode.

3-Now go to the settings of the TV’s Bluetooth. Check for the available devices for pairing. Click on the SONOS option.

Now, once both the devices get connected, select SONOS as the audio output device on your TV.

Remember, the audio quality when using a Bluetooth connection is poorer than a cable connection. So, prefer to connect your TV with cable.

reset Sonos Play 1

Unplug the Sonos play1 from the power socket.

Press the play/pause button, and while holding the button, plug in the power cable.

Wait till the light colour turns from white to green. Once the light colour turns green, then all is set for the re-use of your speaker.

Reset Sonos era

Unloug the Sonos device.

Press the Bluetooth button and hold till the light turns from white to green.

Now, when the lights turn to green, release the button.

That’s all, you are all set.

Reset Sonos move

First, remove the power cord from the power socket.

Press and hold for a few seconds to turn off the Sonos move.

Then reconnect the Sonos and move to the power socket.

Then, for Move1- press the join button.

For Move2 –press the blue tooth button.

Keep on holding the buttons till the lights turn green.

Reset Sonos Bridge

Remove the songs from the power socket.

Wait till the SONOS BRIDGE gets power off.

Then, reconnect the power cable to the power socket.

At the same time, press the connect button and keep on holding the button till the lights turn green.

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Hope you may have not any doubt on how to reset  sonos arc without any problem. For best results, always use Sonos to authenticate cables and products, as mentioned in the manual.

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