Humane AI Pin: Best Alternative To IPhones (2024)

humane ai pin

 Introducing the Humane AI Pin and its Revolutionary Pricing Model

Apple-made iPhone is the revolution of smartphones. It is the brand name and quality that makes people pay a higher amount of money than that of many smartphones. Apple’s iPhone market is increasing daily and covers a significant part of the global cell phone market. But it is not the end, but technology always loves to move step by step for the future—new technology is always a better, cheaper, and more innovative option than the previous one. Cell phone technology also finds an alternative for those who can’t afford an iPhone because of its price. It is none other than a humane AI pin, a futuristic revolutionary alternative to the iPhone.

What is a human AI pin

Human AI PIN is not a smartphone; it has no screen display and body like a smartphone. It is similar to a projector, a tiny device, and fits anywhere in your body, clothes. It uses artificial intelligence to provide a display; you don’t have to keep or carry any separate gadget or smartphone.

It has a built-in microphone and speaker, and you can operate a human AI PIN by voice command. It has sensors to absorb surrounding information to give more appropriate and pinpoint output. 

The human AI pin has a trust light, indicating the system is active so you can turn off the microphone and speaker.

How human AI pin works

As we all know, the human AI pin does not have a smartphone, so it does not use very few physical components. It uses various sensors, AI chips, and a tiny projector. GPT4 powers this pin. Chat get access is one of its core features, according to Humane. It uses an operating system called the cosmos. Cosmos is designed to send your queries directly to the right tool rather than lead you to download and install an app to get your question.

How sensors work- sensors continuously track the surroundings and interact with the user with the help of motion sensors and deep sensors.

How AI chip works uses a QSP processor.QSP stands for Qualcomm Snap Dragon Processor. It is an advanced processor that combines CPU, GPU, modem, and wireless connectivity in a single chip. This process shortens the processor’s length process and reduces the device’s size. This processor can do multiple tasks in a very efficient way and in a bit of time.

Ai pin supports wifi, 5g network, and Bluetooth connectivity.

How laser projector works- It can be connected to your hand or cloth to display the output generated by a human AI pin. It doesn’t need any other screen, so it is completely hands-free and more comfortable.

Benefits of humane ai pin

1-smart assistant -This humane AI pin combines artificial intelligence focus on centric design. With a voice command, you can operate the humane AI pin. With the help of the humane AI pin, you can access a lot of information, perform multiple tasks like setting a reminder, playing music, getting weather information, and also control other smart devices at your home. Where other AI devices behave coldly and impersonally with the user. This device is designed to prioritize its master and respond according to individual preferences. 

2-Catch me up feature –It has a unique feature that can summarize your emails in your inbox.

3- It can hold food to the camera to get that food’s inner information like nutrition value impact on health.

4-It can translate in real-time up to 200 languages.

5-It provides an intelligent solution for everyday tasks and gives quick access to any information you want.

6- its unique design provides more human-like interaction, which most AI devices cannot do right now. 

7-It can give the user a command over all devices connected to the humane AI pin.

Humane ai pin

Price of humane ai pin

Humane AI pin officially launched on 10/10/2023. So, as it promised to provide a cheaper rate than the iPhone, let’s look at its price. Its current price is about $699.It is the price of two products: one square device, the AI pin, and the other a battery pack. In addition, you have to pay a monthly rental fee for a human subscription, which includes cellular data, voice assistant services, and cloud storage.

you can buy it from official site here

watch the launching video of humane ai pin


Humane AI pin is a revolutionary innovation combining affordable price and advanced technology. Compared to the iPhone, it may be cross the popularity of the iPhone. But it would be very early to judge this product and give an opinion as it is in a very early stage.

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