how to use hazard with electric cheese shredder 2024

Do you love to cook at home.Now a days in our modern kitchen we use many smart gadgets to smoothen our cooking process.Cheese shredder is a very popular gadget we use in our kitchen .Every time when we use a gadget a safety concern arises. so here in this article we will try to relieve you from hazard with electric cheese shredder.

hazard with electric cheese shredder

An introduction to electric cheese shredder

Electric cheese shredder comes with different forms. Starting from hand held portable shredder to large size countertop shredders, can be used according to needs. Blades are the vital components of this gadget.A rotating blade or blades surrounded by a chamber always ready to fight with your cheese. You have to press a button or lever then the blade or blades transform your cheese to uniform strands, ribbons or shredder.

Benefits of using electric cheese shredder

1-saves time-Every one is busy with lot of works in modern days.We don,t want to waste time.This gadget does its job in minutes and save our valuable time.

2-efficiency-electric cheese shredder can shred cheese efficiently in perfect desired size and pattern. Now dust, uneven cuts are history , which was occurs in manual shredding. Its accuracy and speed can be seen when you are preparing a large quantity of food. Decoration of food is quite easy because it makes very accurate and even size every time.

3- Easy to use-You can use this device by just plug and play process.No more complicated process involved.

4-versatility-Apart from cheese you can use this gadget to chop carrots, onions and other vegetables also.

Why we choose electrical cheese shredder ahead of traditional cheese shredder

Traditional shredders consume a lot of time where as electric shredders consume very little time.

Traditional shredders unable to perform consistently and does not shred perfectly where as electric shredder can shreds in same shape and size every time .

Understanding the hazard with electric cheese shredder

1-health issue-The very important hazard with electric cheese shredder is health issue. When you use this gadget for long time and don,t take necessary cleaning procedures it can be handy for your health. When you don’t clean for a long time, germs start forming on the surface of electrical shredder. 

2-safety issue-using a sharp rotating blade is very dangerous. A bit of carelessness can injured you specially your fingers.

How to be secure from hazard with electric shredder

1- PrecautionPrecaution is the best method to avoid hazard with electric cheese shredder. Check electricity wires naked wires.Keep all necessary utensils and cheese in your reach.Stand at a stable surface and start the gadget.Make sure your fingers must be in a safe distance from moving blades.Keep eye on children and keep them away from shredder.

2-read manual carefully before use– Read manuals and safety tips before use and follow all instructions. Different models have different safety measures ,so read them an follow them accordingly.

3-always use food  pusher -Never use your fingers to push to feed cheese. Always use food pusher or any available tools to keep your fingers away from moving blades.

4-cleaning- Clean your shredder in regular interval to keep it germ free. Unplug the gadget before start the cleaning to avoid electric shocks

.5- unplug after use-Always unplug the shredder after use and keep it in a secure place away from children

6-regular check up-check the wire in regular interval .Check the blade any inspect if any damage or dullness

.7-Try not to overload-Always use recommended quantity of cheese .Don’t overload this may cause overheating and jams .  


Always be careful and mindful while using a shredder to avoid hazard with electric cheese shredder.Keep eyes on children while using cheese shredder.Be safe and enjoy your food.

Here are top 5 shredders watch them on youtube

What is the difference between grating and shredding

Grating-Chopped very fine particles almost like powder.Its texture is light and melt quickly. A micro plane grater or box grater is used to grate . It is best for hard cheese like Parmesan ,nuts,Romano, spices.

Shredding-Its size are longer and thinner like ribbons or matchsticks. Size of shredded material is slight larger than grated materials. Tools used to shred are hand held shredder or electric shredder.

Can i shred cheese in a blender

Yes you can but it will be similar like grating. You can,t get desired size and texture that you get from shredding.

What is the device used to shred cheese

You can use electric cheese shredder, electric slicer shredder, salad machine for fruits, vegetables.

How much electricity a cheese shredder consumes

Any high speed shredder used 150w to 300w electricity. consumption of electricity depends on quantity and hardness of cheese.The more quantity and more harder cheese consume more electricity.According to a estimate if you use a 200w shredder to shred a cup of cheese then it might be consume 0.0168 kwh of electricity.
To save electricity use a shredder with low wattage.
Unplug the shredder when not in use.

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