How to reset veriphone pinpad

veriphone is a leading payment system provider globally. It is used mainly as POS( point of sale) system since 1983. It is a revolution towards online payment system .But sometimes veriphone device can glitch or hangs and you are facing unresponsive buttons ,freeze screens. Then you have no other option left than reset the machine. Here in this article we will discuss on how to reset veriphone pinpad in very easy steps.

reset veriphone pinpad

Methods to reset veriphone pinpad

Method no -1

Your machine have one yellow and one green button .

The yellow one is “cancel” button and the green one is “enter” button.

Press these two buttons simultaneously and hold for 5 seconds.

Some models have key combination of “1’ and “5”or “9”.

If ask for password you cn enterpasword”166832”.

Now when you hear beep sound or your screen shows a massage of restart then release both buttons. Your device is ready.

Method no-2

If the above process unable to solve your problem then follow this step.

Find and locate the reset button.

It is generally located at back side of the pin pad  or near the card swipe slot.

It may be recessed within a small hole.

Use a paperclip insert inside the hole and press the reset button for 10 seconds.

Now release the button when you can hear a beep sound.

A massage also can be seen on your display.

Precautions before reset veriphone pinpad

If your machine has any unclear transactions, clear them first before reset veriphone pinpad.

Reconfiguration may be needed after resetting, so be ready for that step or consult with the payment processor.

How do you force restart veriphone p400

There are three methods to force restart veriphone P400

1st method-

On the top right corner of the screen touch the gear icon.

Scroll down and tap on the power icon.

Enter the four digit password and tap on “reset”.

2nd method-

In case the screen is hanging use this method.

Findtwo circular buttons labeled as |” and ““.

Press and hold both buttons simultaneously for 5seconds.

Tap on “reboot “and tap again on screen to restart.

Now your device is ready.

3rd method-

Unplug the power cable from your p400 device and wait for 10 to 12 seconds.

Reconnect the power cable and let the veriphone p400 device to automatically restart.

If you have still any issue please contact veriphone support here

How to reset veriphone pinpad mx915

1st method

use this method if your screen is working perfectly.

Press “1”,”5”,”9” numbers of your screen and hold for 5 seconds.

If ask for password enter “166832” and press green button.

Choose the “run app” and wait for your device to reboot.

2nd method-

When screen is not responding then use physical resetting.

Find the reset button on behind of the veriphone mx 915 .

Use paper clip to press the button.

Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds.

The veriphone device will reset and ask for password.

Enter the password and press ok.

How to reset veriphone pinpad vx 820

1st method–  look for asterisk key symbol as (*) on your veriphone pinpad screen.

Press the button “3” to restart the terminal.

Press the green button to select.

Confirm by press green button again.

2nd method– Turn the device and you can find a small reset button on the back side of veriphone pinpad vx 820.

You can get it near the serial number.

Take a paper clip and press the button using the paperclip.

Hold on for 10 seconds pressing the button.

When device restarts release the button.

veriphone card reader not turning on

If your veriphone card reader not turning on it is very frustrating But don’t worry first check some troubleshoot  process.

  • Check power connections– Check power outlet which is connected to your veriphone device .You may check with other outlet to check whether any power problem with that outlet.
  • Battery condition– If your card reader runs with battery, check if battery is charged or not.
  • Check cables and adapters-If your device uses adaptor then check adaptor is properly connected or not.
  • If card reader is connected to another device then check whether cable is properly connected or not.
  • Clean the card reader – After using for years the card reader port can build up with dusts and cards unable to contact to the reader.

Try to reset

First try to reset your veriphone card reader if not turning on.

Soft reset-In this process just simply turn your device off and turn on after few seconds .this process reset your device and if still not turning on then try hard reset.

Hard reset- Most veriphone card readers have a reset button behind on it.

This reset button is a small pin hole .you can press it by inserting a paper pin and wait for few seconds.

Then you can hear a beep sound or receive an on screen massage.

How to get veriphone card reader reset password

You can reset password through administrative menu available in your device .
Other option is to contact support and follow their instructions.
But for this you have to gather necessary informations like model no, seriel no, merchant account information before contacting support.
After gathering all information contact support through email or phone.

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