How to reset nixplay frame effortless step by step guide for 2024

Nixplay is a top brand in cloud-based digital photo frame. You can store, share, and view photos from anywhere in the world. But sometimes when issues arise like your photo frame not turning on or the Nixplay frame is frozen and you try to troubleshoot. Still, if the problem is not solved then you have the last choice to hard reset nixplay frame.

how to reset nixplay frame

What is nixplay

Nix play is a cloud-based digital photo frame service. It has been the leading brand in the smart photo frame field for the last 10 years. It allows user to share their photos and videos from anywhere in the world. As it is WIFI enabled it can be connected to social media and photo frame services. User can create a custom playlist of their photos and videos. Nixplay frame comes in size from 8 to 10.1 inches with high-resolution displays.

How to hard reset nixplay frame

Before starting the procedure to reset Nixplay frame consider some necessary precautions.

 Before you start the procedure plug in your Nixplay frame and turn it on.

Don’t apply too much force with the paper clip this may cause the reset button to stuck.

The first method to reset nixplay frame by using nixply app

Open the Nixplay app on your Smartphone or tablet which is available to you.

Now tap on the frame you want to reset.

Look for three dots on your display frame display. You can find it in the top right corner of the display screen.

Tap on the setting option shown in the menu.

Open the setting option scroll down and select the factory reset option.

Enter your frame’s serial number. You can find the serial number on the back side of the frame.

After entering the serial number tap on reset and the reset process will start. It will take few minutes to reset your Nixplay frame.

After the resetting procedure completes the frame will restart.

Now you have to set the frame from scratch. 

The second method to reset nixplay frame using the reset button

This process will erase all your photos and videos.

To start this process you have to find the reset button first.

It is located on the back side of the frame or beside the power plug-in. It may vary from model to model.

Once you get the reset button you need a paper clip or a smaller object like that.

Remove the power plug insert the paper clip in the hole where the erase button exists and press the reset button for 10 seconds.

Plug in the power holding the reset button.

Keep on holding the reset button till a red rectangle appears on the screen.

Then leave the reset button connect your Nixplay frame to wifi and follow the on-screen instructions.

Now search for the pairing option enter the serial number and enter into your Nixplay account.

how to reset nixplay frame

Features of nixplay digital photo frame

1- High-resolution display- Its 1280*800 wxga high-resolution display makes photos and videos look like alive with stunning clarity.

2- Touch screen controls – 

Noxplay has a touchscreen facility for easy navigation. You can control your frame with a remote control.

3- Motion sensor- A motion sensor is available in some models of noxplay which can automatically turn on when you enter the room and turn off when you leave the room.

4- Sleep scheduling –You can schedule your nixplay for a specific time to turn on and turn off at the time when you sleep.

5- Connect even through public wifi – This feature allows you to connect to any public wifi.

6- The built-in Speaker Nixplay model has a built-in speaker that allows you to play audio music or any information related to that image for visitors.

7- Storage facility –Nixplay has internal storage to save your photos and videos so that you can play them even if you are offline. Additionally, it gives a cloud storage facility to store your photos and videos with high security.

8- A perfect gift –Nixplay is a perfect gift for any occasion to share memories and love with your loved ones. 

How do I set up a nixplay frame for someone else?

Step-1 unpack the nixplay frame.

Step 2 Power on the frame by connecting it with the power cord and connect the power cord with a power outlet.

Step-3 Now wait for the frame to turn on, now a QR code displays on the screen of the nixplay frame.

Step 4 Open the Nixplay app on your Smartphone or tablet.

Step-5 the app has a scanner inside it. Point the scanner towards the frame and it will scan the QR code.

Step-6 Add the email address of the recipient in the relevant space mentioned.

Now they can receive photos and videos directly from you without the app.


I think this article helps you reset Nixplay frame without any hesitation. If you are selling or gifting your nixplay frame to someone else then after resetting you also have to remove your frame from the nixplay account.If you want to buy a new nix play frame then visit its official site here.

How do I turn off my nixplay frame?

You can turn off the frame by 2 methods.
1- Using power button –Find the power button on the backside of the nixplay frame.
Press and hold for 4-5 seconds to turn off the frame.
2-Using nixplay app.-Open the app on your phone.
Your phone and frame must be in the same wifi network.
Tap on the remote control icon.
Then tap on the frame you want to turn off.
Otherwise, you can activate the motion sensor which automatically turns on and turns off your frame at a specific time given by you.

Why the Nixplay frame won’t turn on ?

It may be due to some reasons mentioned below
1-   Power problem– Check the power connection including your power socket and power cord of the frame if there is any loose connection or short circuit in the entire connection.
2- Firmware problems– If any problem is related to firmware then it may cause of frame not to turn on. Update your firmware regularly to avoid any software-related bugs.
3-   Try troubleshooting – Try to troubleshoot according to Nixplay’s official manuals. At last, you can go for a hard reset. Try to reset the frame using the reset button or nixplay app.

How to do Nixplay remote replacement ?

Turn off the nixplay frame and disconnect from power connection.
Remove the batteries of your existing remote control.
Put the batteries in the new remote control.
Power on the new remote pointing towards the frame.
You can use the original Nixplay remote control which is provided by Nixplay. But if your original remote is unavailable you can use a third-party remote compatible with Nixplay signage.

My nixplay frame remote control not working 

1-   It may be due to any obstacle between your frame and the remote. So check if any obstacle is between them and remove the obstacle.
2-   Batteries problem- Your battery may be not compatible with your frame so replace the battery with a compatible battery. The battery may have less power to communicate with your frame then a replacement will solve the problem.
3-   Your frame may be defective –If the above solution is unable to solve your problem then check whether the frame is working properly or not. If any problem is found reset the frame and try again with your remote.
4-   Range problem if your remote is inside its operating area otherwise try to come nearer to frame to test whether the remote is within the range.

Nixplay frame not showing all pictures

Reasons behind this problem
1-All images may not be in the playlist- All photos or videos you are playing may not be added to your frame. Check whether all photos and videos are added to your frame.
2-Check the frame setting –Sometimes your setting is not allowed to play all photos and videos. Check your playback mode; it must be set to play all photos mode.
4- Check your wifi connection – Your frame may be offline. Check and make sure the frame must be connected to wifi. If wifi is not connected then the frame is unable to show fresh photos.
5- Refresh and restart – First refresh the frame, it can help in downloading fresh photos. If still unable to find any new photos then try restarting the frame. If any error prevents you from showing your photos then it will clear all temporary errors.
6- Check the nixplay app- Make sure you are using nixplay latest version. If not then try to update the app. newer version works more efficiently and speedily to load your photos.

How do turn on the Nixplay frame without a remote

No physical button is given to turn on/off your frame. So we have an alternative solution for you.
Download the nixplay app and create an account or sign in to your existing account.
Connect your frame to wifi. make sure the frame and phone are in the same wifi network.
Open the nixplay app on your phone and tap on “my frames”.
Select the frame you want to operate from the connected list of frames.
Tap the power icon on the right corner of your screen.
Now your frame is turning on. After turning it on you can use your app as a remote to operate your nixplay frame.

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