How to quickly Register on Pagetify Basic Plan in 2024

Pagetify is a good page building site for those who wants to start a online store . But page building with shopify is not a easy task for beginner . You may have some coding knowledge to build a page .Pagetify is a good choice for beginner who don,t  know coding . Pagetify is page builder of shopify who has a wide range of features and easy interface with a drag and drp fascility . There are many pre made templates to make your journey more comfortable .It is a mobile friendly design and can be integrated with other shopify apps .pagetify is agood choice for small business owner who have financial problems .it has a suitable basic plan for the new business owner .So in this article we will discuss about  how to register pagetify basic plan .

How to register on pagetify basic plan

What is Pagetify?

Pagetify is page builder of shopify which allows user to create a page without coding .You can make any page such as landing page,home page, product page and many more with the help of pagetify . Pagetify allows user to build pages with simple drag and drop  process .

There are many pre made templates and sections which is allows you to customize your page as a professional .You can customize your pages with the help of customizable elements .Its mobile friendly interface is allows user to increase their reach to mobile users also.It is A seo optimized page builder which helps to rank your store in google search results .

Benefits of using pagetify

Register on pagetify basic plan has many benefits which we will discuss below

1-easy to use-You can create a customize proffetional page with pagetify without coding knowledge . you can simpy drag and drop widgets and make your page with simple steps .

2- Pre desined pages –Pagetify has many pre made and desined pages and sections which made your pages more attractive without any forther coding knowledge .You can make page in no time which saves your valuable time .

3-phone  friendy interface-Pagetify is desined for all devices so you can easily reach to smart phones and tablets .

4-pre optimized – Pgetify is seo optimized so you can easily rank on goggle search results .

5-Intigrated with shopify devices –It is desined to integrate easily with other shopify apps to increase the features of pagetify .

6-Targeting audience –It can make landing pages targeting your audience and focus ontheir specific needs which is helpful to increase sales and attract more customers .

7-reduce cost- You can operate pagetify easily yourself so it saves the expences of hiring a webdevloper .also it saves time so you can engage your time in any other area of your business .

how to register on pagetify basic plan

Pagetify plans

The pagetify plan have 3 types of planswhich includes basic,pro and premium plans.

Pagetify basic plan offers –

  1. Powerful vidual editor
  2. CDN
  3. Iive chat support
  4. Custom code editor
  5. Unlimited landing pags,5 home pages and blog posts each and 2 product page .

The basic plan is about $9 only .Before that you can get a trial period of 14 days .You can also cancel your plan within 30days after completion of the trial period .And if you want more features and benefits you can subscribe for pro and premium plan .


Powerful visual editoryesyesyes
Shopify CDNyesyesyes
Livechat supportyesyesPriority support
Custom Code Editoryesyesyes
Unlimited Landing pagesyesyesyes
Home pages5UnlimitedUnlimited
Blog posts5UnlimitedUnlimited
Product pages220Unlimited
Collections pages050Unlimited
Disclaimer -This table id for information purpose only and copied from resources available in the internet .

Steps to Register on Pagetify Basic Plan

Step no 1- Visit pagetify official website

Step no-2- sign up-After visiting the sites home page you can find the option “try pagetify for free” on that button .Then the sign up page opens .click on sign up .

Step no3-Then enter your email address and password .Provide a strong password for your account contains alphabet ,numbers and special signs . Next sign up option page opens it shows options to sign up with email,apple,facebook or google .chopose one of them .

Step no4- You can see 3 plans to choose. Choose the basic plan and click on the continue button .

Step no 5- Enter your personnal and business details .

Step no6- Now on the payment page enter payment details and click on check out option .Now you are register on pagetify basic plan .

You can register from official site here


Pagetify is a good choice for starter and small business owners .Its simple  interface helps even a beginner to start his/her business journey with shopify .Hope this article has enough information regarding how to register on pagetify basic plan .

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