How to factory reset Wisenet DVR without a password in simple steps 2024

Have you lost your Wisenet password? And you are finding ways to reset Wisenet DVR without a password. Don’t worry; this article helps you factory reset your Wisenet DVR without a password. Before that, if you are new to Wisenet DVR, let’s learn something about it.

factory reset wisenet dvr without a password

What is a Wisenet DVR?

DVR stands for the digital video recorder. DVR is used to record and store video footage from service cameras. There are many companies manufacturing DVRs. wisenet is a trendy brand among them. it is manufactured by Hanwah Techwin. Wisenet DVr is available in 4 to 32 channels. It also supports an extensive range of camera resolutions, from CIF to 4K. You can use Wisenet DVR with many other digital products, such as motion detectors, door access controllers, etc. Wisenet devices are used for houses and businesses.

Features of Wisenet DVR

High resolution: Wisenet DVR has many resolution options to record. You can register HD 4K quality if you want to record with more clarity for security purpose or any other specific needs then you can do so using Wisenet DVR .

Any condition recording: It can record in any condition, even in low light at night and bright light during the day. The IR cut filter helps Wisenet DVR automatically adjust the camera according to light and provides maximum image quality.

Easy installation: You can set up your Wisenet DVr simply with the help of the Wisenet app. Download the Wisenet app and install it. Then, scan the QR code located on the DVR. That’s it. You have nothing to do; the app will complete all processes. The app will automatically connect the cameras and set remote viewing.

Remote viewing: This is an imposing and exciting feature of the Wisenet app. Once you have installed your Wisenet app, you can watch your house or business from anywhere, even from abroad.

Motion detection: This feature is very useful and special and was provided by Wisenet. You can set a specific area of the camera’s view to record whenever a motion is detected. This feature saves your storage space and only records essential footage.

Privacy Zone: This feature also plays a vital role in your recording. You can hide certain areas of your house or business from cameras for recording. Those areas will be completely blacked out while recording.

Any weather cameras—Wisenet DVr comes with weather cameras that run smoothly in any weather condition and provide uninterrupted recording for the whole year. You can use these cameras indoors and outdoors without any hesitation.

Servilance grade hdd: Wisenet DVr uses servilance grade hdds, which are specifically designed to record for continuous recording over a long period of time. It also comes with high-compression technology, which compresses the video size. That’s why you can store more footage in less space on your HDD.

Multiple recording and playback options: Wisenet offers various options for recording and playing videos by schedule or motion. You can play footage of any particular date, time, time or type.

How to factory reset wisenet dvr without a password

Now, we will discuss step-by-step how to factory reset Wisenet DVR without a password

Method 1:

Using the default password: The default password for Wisenet DVR is

EIGHT ZEROS as – 00000000

Or of the same numbers as 12345678

Enter these passwords and reset them, but the words don’t work. Then you can go for other options. below


By hardware reset button: Open the DVR and look for the reset button on the back side of the DVR. You can find it easily as it is labeled as a reset button.

Press and hold the reset button for 10 to 15 seconds.

You can see the DVR’s light flashes, then release the button.

Your DVR is reset to factory settings, and its password is also removed.

Method -3 By removing the COMS battery, switch off the DVR.

Unplug the power shocker.

Open the DVR case.

Find the COMS battery on the motherboard. A small, round-shaped battery is attached to the motherboard by a clip.

Please remove the battery by unclipping it from the motherboard.

Now, wait to clear the DVR memory, which generally takes approximately half an hour.

Reinstall the battery on the motherboard.

Close the case and power on the DVR .

Method 3:

 Contact Wisenet customer support. If all the above processes fail to help you factory reset Wisenet without a password, then you can contact Wisenet customer support.

Why you should reset your Wisenet DVR

There are many reasons why you need to factory reset Wisenet DVR without a password

Sometimes, you forget the password, so you can’t access the device and need to reset the factory settings and regenerate a new password.

When some software-related errors occur, and you can’t solve the problem by the troubleshooting method,

When you are selling the DVR and want to clear all data from it so that someone can’t misuse it in the future,

When you are giving access to someone else and want to keep your privacy from that person,

Any connection or recording-related problems that can’t be solved must be factory reset.

When you purchase a pre-owned DVD, and the previous owner has forgotten the password, you have to reset the DVD to reuse it.

Tips to avoid factory reset Wisenet DVR

You should try to avoid factory reset wisenet dvr without a password as much as possible as it can consume time and loss of data .

Update the firmware regularly. Firmware regularly updates its advanced features, such as fixing bugs and advanced security features. So, regularly updating firmware can help you keep your DVR safe and up-to-date. Download the latest firmware files from the Hanwa Techwin site.

Use a strong password. Always use a solid password. Don’t use your birth date, phone number, vehicle number, or digits like 1234. Use a password that includes capital letters, small letters, numbers, and special characters. Please keep your password protected and don’t share it with anyone.

Back up regularly: You should back up your DVR data regularly so that when any problem occurs with your DVR, you won’t lose your important data. To back up your Wisenet DVR, you can use the built-in backup of the Wisenet or a third-party backup.

Uneven power supply: Any disturbance in the power supply can damage your DVR. So, use a power surge protector to balance your power supply.

Keep your DVR clean. When you use a DVR for a long time, the DVR gets dirty and covered with dust, which leads to malfunctioning the device. So, always try to keep the machine clean.

Use compatible hard drives. Follow the user manual given by the company and use only compatible hard drives to avoid any disturbance in the recording and functioning of the DVR.


factory reset Wisenet DVR without a password is not difficult. After reading this article, you can easily reset your Wisenet DVR. But prevention is better than cure, so always follow the precautionary and safety measures mentioned in this article to avoid the reset process as much as possible.

. What to do if DVR is not rebooting

Check the power resources and change them if there is any doubt. If the problem persists, try a hard reset.
Hard reset:
1.    Remove the CMOS battery from the motherboard.
2.    Wait for half an hour.
3.    Reinstall the battery and power on the DVR. All settings will be erased.
Hardware problem: If the problem is still not solved, check the device for any physical damage, and if any damage is found, contact Wisenet customer support.

Unable to access the DVR

When you reset your Wisenet DVR, you will lose all data and settings. So, you need to configure your device again using Wisenet Smart Viewer software. If you cannot access the Wisenet DVR, check the network to see if it is properly connected and working.

What is the factory reset password for Wisenet DVR?

The default reset password for Wisenet is 00000000 or 12345678.

: How do I reset my Wisenet NVR password?

There are two methods to reset the Wisenet NVR password.
Method A: Using the security question, Open the web browser.
Go to nvr’s IP address. Enter your username and click on the forgotten password link.
Enter the answer to your sequence of questions.
Click on the reset password button.
Fill in a new password and click the save button.
Method B: Factory Reset Method
Find the factory reset button; you can get it behind the NVR.
Press and hold the button for 10 seconds.
The NVR will be rebooted, allowing you to create a new password.

How do I reset my Wisenet CCTV?

Resetting a CCTV will erase all data from your camera. Follow the below steps to reset a CCTV.
Process 1: Using the reset button, find the reset button on your CCTV. It can be found at the control of the camera, covered by a rubber flap.
Press and hold the reset button for a few seconds until the LED light flashes. You can fix your CCTV again if it resets. Set the user name, password, password network setting, etc.
6: How to Reset the Wisenet Password with the Remote
Use only the original Wisenet remote.
Power on the DVR/NVR and connect to the display.
Press the following buttons one by one by pointing to the display.
Up arrow
Right arrow
Down arrow
Left arrow 
Click ok on the confirmation on the display to reset the factory setting.
Then, dvr/nvr will reboot and ask to set a new password.
Enter a new strong password.
Now, your password resetting process is complete.
The button sequences vary from model to model, so refer to your model’s user manual to get the correct button sequence for your Wisenet DVR.

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