How to Add Playlist to TVPayz easily in 2023

Every creator, business owner, video content creator, and filmmaker who wants to cast their channels can do it with the help of tvpayz by creating a playlist.

But if a creator doesn’t know how to add a playlist to tvpayz then in this article he can go through all the steps and do so very easily.

What is Tvpayz

Tvpayz is a popular online video streaming platform that offers a wide range of TV shows, movies, and live TV channels.

You can add your YouTube channels, Facebook pages, Instagram posts, your website, and blog posts to Tvpays and increase the reach of your audience.

You can also monetize your channel with the help of various processes.

You can place ads of other companies on your channel, you can add products of your own or affiliate products of others to sell them.

If you want to know how to add links to your Tvpayz channel then click here

But if you want to know how to add a playlist to your Tvpayz channel then follow the below steps

How to add a Playylist to Tvpayz

Steps for how to add a playlist to Tvpayz channel

Step no 1- go to your Tvpayz login page and log into your account using your user’s username and password created earlier by you. If you are new to Tvpayz then first sign up using your email ID and password and accept their terms and conditions.

Step no 2- After logging in to your account you will be redirected to tvpayz homepage Go to the playlist section and click on the playlist tab.

Click on the “create playlist” button.

Step no -3-Now give a name related to your content. the name should be descriptive and catchy. Because it helps you to find your playlist easily and your user also can find their content by name. Once you give a name then click on Create now your playlist is ready.

Step no-4 – To add the video content to your channel

                    First, search the video by name from the list.

Step no-5 How to add vedios to Tvpayz

                    Select your preferred video to add it to your playlist.

                    Then click on add to the playlist and click on the save button.

Step no-6   Once your playlist is ready, arrange them in in your preferred order.

                   Now click on the playlist you want to play.

Step no7- Manage your playlist it is very flexible to edit and manage your playlist you can always do it whenever you need to do so.

 How to add playlists to Tvpayz on a smart tv               

First, open Tvpayz app on your smart TV.

Go to the playlist tab.

Select the playlist you want to play and click on the play button.

Follow the same procedures stated above to play on smartphones, streaming devices, tablets.

How to edit a playlist

To edit a playlist, you have to navigate to the playlist menu.

Then open the playlist you want to edit.

Make necessary changes such as removing content, adding content, or replacing content.

Then click on the save button.

How to share your playlist

Go to the playlist and open the playlist you want to share.

If you want to send by email then add the email id of the receiver and click send. The receiver receives a link of your contain, by clicking on that link they can access your content.

You can directly share your content by generating a link and share it through social media platforms.


Adding a playlist to Tvpayz channels is exciting for a user. They can organize and watch videos at their convenience. Both entertainment for users and earning opportunities for creators are available with the Tvpayz platform.If you want to creat a new account of Tvpayz then click here


How many videos one can add to a playlist

Ans-you can add a maximum of 100 videos to a playlist.

How many playlists can be created

Ans-You can create as many as the playlist you want.

Can I share my playlists with other Tvpayz users

Ans-Yes you can share your playlists with other Tvpayz users also.

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