How to add links to Tvpayz channel easily in 2023

Before getting into the topic of how to add links to a Tvpayz channel first look into a short introduction of tvpays and its working structures and features but if you are familiar with tvpayz then you can scroll directly to the link steps by taking the guide from the table of content.

What is Tvpayz

TVPayz is a popular platform that allows users to create and host live TV channels. With its vast library of trending movies, TV shows, and other content, it is an excellent way to share your content with a large audience and monetize your content and channel to earn a handsome amount of money. By adding links to your TVPayz channel you can easily add your content to your channel and you can also add your social media accounts, and your blogs to increase your reach of audience.

How to add links to Tvpayz channel

what are the Benefits of Adding Links to tvpayz challel

Enhance traffic to your websites, blogs, and social media, and also vice versa you can get traffic from them to your Tvpayz also.
Make a better user experience -when you add links to your various sites, blogs, and social media channels people get more engaged with you and a personal relationship can be built with them. they can get more content from you.
Boosts Seo- It helps boost the Seo of your Tvpayz channel benefit as you add it with all platforms that may have better domain authority.
Improve channel visibility -when a user visits your page, they can see links attached to your About page which is first shown to a visitor.
Monetize your content -you can monetize your channel by adding ads. You can add affiliate links to sell products and earn affiliate commissions from various companies. You can add your own product links also to make money.
Enhance brand value – The Tvpays channel helps you to increase your brand value. When you post quality content in your channel regularly it helps to increase your brand value.

To add links to your Tvpayz channel please follow below steps

To add links to tvpayz channel go to the tvpayz website and click the signup button if you are a new user.

Type your email address. Make a password, then choose a nation.

The “Create account” button should be clicked.

A link for verification may be found in your email. To activate your account, click the link for account verification

The steps listed below should be followed if you are already a registered user.

Launch any online browser, such as Firefox, Opera, or Google Chrome.

On the search result page of a web browser, type in “tvpayz” and click the first result that appears.

Open the tvpayz website link after that.

Put your login information in the box on the first page that appears after the log-in page opens and click the Log In button.

Access the channel settings

Once you’ve logged in successfully, navigate to the channel settings tab. Just click it.

Your Tvpayz channel’s settings page then appears. There are numerous ways to tailor your channel.

Open the link tab by looking for it in the channel settings.

It is located on the account settings page’s left side.

Next, select the link tab.

You may now manage all of your links and add links to your tvpayz channel.

Include links

After that, select the add links button.

It is prominently displayed in the top right corner of the link page, making it simple to access.

The add link form appears when you click it.

Enter the specifics of your connection

You can now select from a number of link types, including video links and clickable links.

Select the connection type that best fits your channel. Next, select the next button.

then type the website’s URL into the box.

By typing the site name into Google’s address box, you can obtain the URL.

Add a heading

When someone enters your website, they can first see your link title instead of a link.

The title is therefore the important component of your link. The title ought to be succinct, narrowly focused, and closely tied to the subjects and the goal of your URL.

Include an eye-catching description and a synopsis of the URL’s content.

When the video is playing, you can choose how long your URL will be shown in in-video links.

Saving your links is the next step. To save a link, click the save or publish button after entering its details.

Your links have now been uploaded successfully to your TVPayZ channels. If you want to know how to add a playlist to Tvpayz then click here

How to add links to Tvpayz account

Before establishing a link to the TVPayZ channel, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Before adding channels to your tvpayz channels keep these things in mind.

1. Keep the number of links to a minimum because too many can turn off your viewers.

2. Your links must be pertinent to the material on your channel.

3. For your links, utilize simple and clear anchor text. The text that appears for a link is called the anchor text.

4- Check the functionality of your links on a frequent basis.

5. Use a shorter link to prevent an unattractive appearance and a negative viewer impression.

six) Include links in your live conversations as well.

7-Inspire your audience to click on your links by presenting them with enticing deals, freebies, and prizes.To get your tvpayz


1-Are there any limitations on the number of links I may include?

There is no set number of links that can be added, but for better user experience, it is advised to keep the number at a maximum of 10. However, be cautious that links do not lead to spam or hazardous websites.

How many links can I add to a single video on TVPayz?

A single video can have a maximum of 5 links added to it. Therefore, be careful to utilize these links to their full potential.

3-Can I Post Links to Videos Made by Other Creators on TVPayz?

The answer is yes, but make sure to ask their permission before including their links. Visit the video page and copy the link, then paste it in the address box to add links. then select the “links” option on your personal tvpayz channel. Then, after selecting “add new,” put the link into the “URL” field. Specify the title and the description. Finally, press the save button.

4 – What types of content may I link to the TVPayz channel? Are There Any Limitations?

Ans: You are able to link videos from both your own and other channels. Websites that relate to your content can be linked to. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and websites like Pinterest can all be linked to. But there are some limitations on a certain kind of content, such as Illegal-illegal content is any type that is protected by a copyright, a trademark, or is libelous.

Racism and sexism are present in these hateful texts. Additionally, links should not be made to pornographic, spammy, or malicious content.

Do I need to update the links frequently?

5-To maintain their relevance, your links must be updated frequently.

4-Can TVPayz be used to shorten URLs?

5-Use any external URL shortener tools that are available on the internet to shorten your URL.

Six. How can I remove a link from my TVPayz channel?

Answer: It’s simple to remove or delete any links. Go to your TVPAYZ channel’s settings and select the links option. From here, you can erase any links you desire.

Can I add additional connections to my TVPayz channel? Question 7.

A website, blog, social media page, or any of your product links can add external connections extremely easily.

How do I make sure that users click the links I provide?

You can do this by doing these actions.

1. Ensure that links are prominent and easily apparent. AVOID putting your links anywhere besides the header, footer, sidebars, or sections designated for calls to action. Use eye-catching colors and bold fonts to draw attention to your link.

Use phrases like hurry up, there’s just one day left, limited-time deal, or a final chance to evoke a sense of urgency.

3. Combine user evaluations, social media proofs, and quotes from pleased customers.

8-Is there a way to keep track of how well my links are doing?

A link tracking feature for your account is provided by TVpayz. With the help of this function, you can keep track of how many people click on your link and adjust your strategy as necessary. The Bitly link shortener tool can be used to trace your link as well.

1. Are there any other recommendations for creating solid links?

Make sure the links you use relate to your content.

Use compelling calls to action to tell viewers what to do after clicking on your links.

Click here to purchase Ex. To receive a free gift, click here.

Make your link simple to click by using bold fonts and eye-catching colors to make it stand out.

10 – Can internal links and external links be distinguished?

Ans: You can use two separate tags, one for an internal link and the other for an external link, by using the specific tags that are accessible on the TVPayZ website.

Users may quickly locate videos, movies, playlists, and external links such as websites and social media pages with the use of internal tags.

Can I alter the appearance and feel of my links?

Yes, you may use different text sizes, colors, and hover effects to beautify and customize your channel and links. You can also use any backgrounds and graphics you choose.

12-Is the creation of deep linkages possible?

Yes! You can create deep links with TVPayz, which are URLs that route viewers to specific pages within a website or app. By leading visitors to a specific product or offer, this very successful strategy can increase conversions. Deep links make it easier for users to find the content they’re looking for, which boosts channel engagement.

13: Is TVPayz compatible with mobile devices?

Yes! Because TVPayz is fully compatible with iOS and Android devices, viewers who are watching videos on their phones or tablets can click on your links without any trouble.

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