Fader 2 Drone Review: Best Budget-Friendly Drone Of 2024

As a drone lover, you are always hunting for a good-featured drone at an affordable price. Recently, I came across the Fader 2 drone. It’s an amazing drone with magic features at a budget-friendly price. Let’s take a look at the fader 2 drone.

Fader 2 drone


  • Flight time: 10 minutes of continuous flying time and 25 minutes with an extended battery.
  • Range-80 meters
  • Maximum speed: Up to 50 km per hour
  • Operating temperature: 0 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius.
  • Motor type: Brushless
  • Weight: Approximately 518 grams without a battery.
  • Dimention- 16*17*3.8 cm
  • Safety features: Motor protection guard, an emergency stop button, an altitude hold, and a low battery warning.
  • Connectivity- WiFi, usb-c
  • Camera: It can capture video in 1080p with a 120-degree angle view.
  • Gyro: It has a 6-axis gyro.
  • Charging time: It takes up to 120 minutes to fully recharge.
  • Channels: It has 4 channels.
  • Battery: 3.7 volts and 850 mha
  • Price: Only $99, which is very affordable compared to other drones.

Fader 2 drone looks

It is a small, light-weight, and sleek drone in black. It has a 1080p camera and a 6-axis gyro flight system. It is so small that it can fit even on your palm. You may feel a bit of plasticity, and I feel the joy stick could be smoother.

It has a phone mount for FPV flying and a smart phone app for controlling and recording. The fader2 app is available for Android users and for IOS users too.

Take off the flight

You can set up very easily with clear manuals. Its app, especially for Android, can be synced up easily. I am very excited about its auto-takeoff and auto-landing features with three speed controls. Its 6-axis gyro flight control system makes the fader 2 drone effortlessly stable in the air, even in mild wind. Handless features make it beginner-friendly. Experienced pilots can test their skills with the aerobatic flip capability.

Ariel shooting

Fader 2 drone has one 1080p camera to shoot aerial views. You can enjoy your personal shootings and capture memories from an ariel view at a low cost. At this price, it is good enough. But the drawback is that the camera can’t rotate in flight.

Battery and flying capacity

Its flying capacity is about 10 minutes when it flies continuously. But don’t worry, you can add an extended battery and increase flying time by another 10 to 15 minutes.

The extended battery has a capacity of 3.7 volts and is available at a price of $20.

Flying range

Its flying range is up to 80 meters, which is poorer than some pricier drones. Still, this range is good enough for this price range.

Safety feature

  • Rotor protection guard: These protection guards are plastic cages that surround the propellers to protect them from contact with humans, any objects, or the ground. This guard protects bystanders and reduces the risk of damaging the drone in the event of a crash.
  • Altitude hold: This feature is helpful, especially for beginners. When they lose control over the drone, this feature helps to maintain a constant altitude and prevents the drone from crashing.
  • Emergency stop button: The Fader 2 drone has an emergency stop button. When a user presses this button, the drone’s motor stops immediately and brings the drone to a halt. In case of an emergency, this feature helps the user save from any damage.
  • Headless Mode: In Headless Mode, the drone flies in the direction you press the control stick, regardless of which direction it is pointing. This makes flying a drone easier, especially for beginners.

Low-battery warning: When the drone’s battery runs out, it gives a warning signal and lands automatically.


  1. Fader 2 drone is very easy to set up and fly.
  • It has a controller equipped with a holder for your smart phone and a USB cable for charging the drone battery. The controller has buttons for taking off, landing and flipping.
  • You can connect the fader2 drone to your smart phone through WiFi and watch exactly what the drone sees. This app is compatible with both IOS and Android.
  • Its 6-axis gyro gives a stable and smooth flight performance. It can fly in different directions and perform 360-degree flips.
  • Its headless mode allows the drone to follow the directions of the controller regarding its orientation.
  • The Fader2 drone has a good camera quality of 1080p and a 1-megapixel sensor to capture images with very high clarity. It can capture in very decent clarity if the light is proper and the drone is not moving fast. The camera can be tilted up and down, so you can frame your shots very easily.
  • You can save your images and videos in your phone’s gallery and share them with your friends.
  • It has preinstalled rotor protection, which protects the drone from any physical damage.

The Fader2 drone comes with a spare propeller, so it can be replaced if the old propeller fails.


  1. The fader 2 drone has an 850 mha battery and it can lasts for only 10 minutes of continuous flight time.
  • Its battery charging time is also very high. It takes about 120 minutes to fully charge. You can buy an external battery for $19. But still, it can extend the time by only 10 minutes.
  • Its control range is very low compared to other drones. It can fly only 80 meters away from the controller. There is a high risk that your drone will lose signal. Whenever it loses a signal, it will crash. The problem will worsen when it lands on any river or populated area.
  • It does not have a GPS tracker. So you have to keep an eye on the drone as long as it flies.
  • The camera’s fixed focus means you can adjust it according to different light conditions and distances.


The Fader 2 drone may have some drawbacks, but it is still a good choice for beginners and casual users.

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