Easiest way to use Kenba in 2024

In the world of digital creation now every creator is focused in visual effects. It can be in an image or video form. There are a lot of tools available in market for visual creators .Kenba is the most popular and user friendly tool. You can use Kenba both for free and premium version. In this article we will discuss on how to use Kenba and its benefits and other details.

What is kenba

Kenba / Canva is basically a graphic designing platform which allows user to create a wide range of graphic designs, image editing .video editing, presentations, posters, banners, YouTube thumb nails, and social media posts. Its user interface is very easy to use; you can create a design by just drag and drop any media from your computer or mobile. Kenba/canva has huge library of templates, fonts, images, icons which you can use to customize your design. The interface is designed both for beginner and professionals. Kenba/canva is available as web browser for computers and as mobile app for mobiles. Wheather you are designing a youtube thumbnail, instagram post, pinterest pin, facebook post, post cards, posters or image for blog post kenba/canva provides a convenient and versatile platform to you.

How to use Kenba

You can use Kenba official site to create a account and start your journey by clicking here. For mobile user you can download canva app from google play store or iphone app store. Create account using email or social media credentials.

Log in to your account.

At top right corner of home page you can get “create design” option.

how to use kenba

Click on that and a search box opens with a list of design names.

Choose your desired design.

If you have any images or video upload it to working area.

At left side menu bar you can get the upload option.

You can get all designing tools in left side menu.

Using templates-On left side you can get template library with millions of templates .choose a template according to your design.

Adding elements –On left side bar click on element icon.

You can find images, shapes, texts and much more .Drag and drop the element you need to your design area.

Uploads- You cn upload your own image and videos using this option.

Customization-You can customize as resize, rotate, modify colors, change fonts, size and other edits using editing option.

Ai tools- Kenba / canva offers ai tools to enhance your designing experience .You can add filters, apply effects, and adjust transparency of elements according to you needs.

Export- Once your project is ready to export you can choose its size and format .You can download it to your device or share directly to your social media.

What you can do with Kenba/Canva

You can design

  • Visual suits                   
  • Docs
  • Presentations
  • White boards
  • Graphs and charts
  • Youtube thumbnail
  • Logos
  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Stickers

You can edit

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Youtube videos
  • Instagram reels
  • Facebook reels
  • Website design
  • Qr code generator

Printable things you can create

  • Cards
  • Business cards
  • Mugs
  • T-shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Calendars

You can watch full tutorial for beginners on how to use Kenba/Canva here on youtube



User friendly interface-It has easy drag and drop editing facility for all users with Millions of professionally designed templates

  • Vast templates– Kenba/ canva provides a huge library of templates for wide range of design purposes like social media, business ,graphic presentations, posters, flyers etc.
  • Beginner friendly editor– This platform allows user to make a design by just drag and drop a design and edit with simpler steps without using any complex tools.
  • Easy customization –User can customize elements such as texts, images, background, icons according to their needs and preferences. Kenba/ canva also offer a huge variety of design elements like fonts and colors.
  • Stock images and videos – Kenba / canva has also a huge nos of stock photos and videos which you can use in your content.
  • Team work facility– A organization with many people or a class of students can also use kenba /canva by collaborating with each other in real time.
  • Brand kit for team – Kenba offers brand kit facility in pro version for organizations. In this feature organizations can create and store brand specific logos, colors, fonts.
  • Animation – You can take your design to next level by adding animation and create gifs.
  • Printing options– You can design various printable designs like cards, mugs, tshirts, business cards ,calendars with kenba and print them with printer or share with anyone to allow them to print at their area.
  1. Integration –This platform integrates with google drive, dropbox , wordpress, mail chimp, shopify. You can import assets and publish directly to other platforms.

Kenba/ Canva connect api allows user to build custom integration with any platform. It can be helpful for developers to automate tasks sync data and create unique designs.

You can share your designs directly to facebook, instagram, pinterest, x and can schedule posts in advance.

  1. Education – If you are in education field you can take advantage of kenba . This platform integrates with learning management systems like google classroom , D2L,Blackboard. Kenba/ Canva allows teachers to assign design projects ,check students work books and share their resources directly with LMS platforms.

Canva also provide design course and tutorials to improve your design skills.

  1. Optimize seo– Kenba helps bloggers to create a eye catching web page and images for blog post to enhance their seo.


Free plan has limited features. But 100% free with many premium features for primary and secondary teachers and their students.

Pro plan is available for $14.99/month and $119.99/year.

Canva for team price starts $29.99/month for first 5 people of the team.


Kenba is  very user friendly .Every one even a beginner or a professional can use Kenba and enhance their designing skills.

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