Best Ways to Charge an Ankle Monitor Without a Charger in 2023

Introduction: Understanding the Importance of Charging an Ankle Monitor

An ankle monitor is an electronic device that monitors a person under supervision. It can track the movement of the person who is under parol, house arrest, or needs any special attention. Like any other electronic device, it also uses a charger to charge it whenever its battery discharges. But it needs to be active for its tracing service constantly. Filing to charge can lead to a severe problem. Without charge, this device has lost its communication between the person who is being monitored and the person who is keeping an eye on that person.

But in some remote areas where the power source is limited and in any bad weather conditions, the device can not be charged with a regular charger. In this case, the supervising authority needs alternative charging methods. Some ankle monitors offer a portable charging system or an extra battery. Still, we should know how to charge an ankle monitor without a charger to give an uninterrupted power supply to the device 24/7. So, in this article, we go through all the alternative sources to charge ankle monitors without chargers.

how to charge an ankle monitor without a charger

Process for how to charge an ankle monitor without a charger

1- Using a power bank

As all of us know, a power bank is a portable battery device that stores a small quantity of energy. We can use a power bank to charge cell phones and other mobile electronic gadgets anywhere and under any conditions. The power bank is tiny in size to carry anywhere without any burden. It also has a good quantity of power to use. Now the question arises: can we charge an ankle monitor without a charger with the help of a power bank? Of course, why not? It is quite possible. First, you need to know the power quantity of your ankle monitor.

Then, find a compatible power bank for charging your ankle monitor. So, before using a power bank, ensure it can charge your device and its output voltage is consistent with the ankle monitor. The second thing is that you should set the power bank before use fully. Use high-quality USB cables to connect the power bank to the ankle monitor for better results. One more thing: arrange a power bank of a reputed brand for long, durable battery life and any other issues.

2- Solar charger

Solar battery is the most reliable and convenient power alternative. In recent years, solar power has become very popular for its reliability and cost-effectiveness. Solar energy is used in various areas at home, in cultivation fields, and in vehicles. So we can rely on solar power to charge our ankle monitor. Just with a setup of a solar plate, a battery, and a solar charger, you can quickly set up an ankle monitor.

It benefits outdoor and remote areas where conventional power supply is impossible. But it has a drawback; in a cloudy condition, when no sunlight is available, it is impossible to use solar power.

3- USB ports

A USB port is where we insert a USB cable, pen drive, and any other external device into our computer to transfer data. But USB port has another most effective use. We can use this port to transfer power. In other words, we can use a USB port as a power supply. Through a USB port, one can take control of the laptop battery.

As a source to charge the ankle monitor, a USB port can be used. Connect the device with a laptop USB port through a data cable. That’s all; the charging starts immediately.

4-inductive charging method

It may be a new term for many people, so first, let’s know about inductive charging. In the traditional charging method, we need a physical charger to connect with the device and the resources from which the charge is being taken.

But in the inductive method, there is no need for a physical charger. This method uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two objects. As there is no cable connection needed, there is no more headache to plug in a charger and plug out. This increases the overall life of an ankle monitor.

5-ac adaptor

We can also use AC adaptors to charge an ankle monitor without a charger. It would be best to have a USB cable and an AC adopter. Plug-in USB cables, one end to the ankle chargers port and the other to the AC adopter port. Plug in the AC adaptor to the power supply. Now, the charging process starts.

6-using car and bike

Every modern car and bike can charge a mobile and laptop. Whenever you are traveling, it is an excellent choice to charge your device. Every two-wheeler or four-wheeler vehicle has ports to charge electronic devices and gadgets. We can use these ports to capture an ankle monitor. We have to connect the monitor to the car’s port with the help of a USB cable.

Pre causes to be taken before charging an ankle monitor without a charger

1-Power source: The power source you use must be reliable, durable, and have enough energy to charge the ankle monitor for an extended period without any interruption.

2-Battery level– Keep a constant and close eye on the available power quantity in the battery. Always charge before the battery is discharged. Whenever the battery level reduces to one-third of the whole power, try to recharge. Always have at least two recharge options to avoid any emergency.

3-legal conditions– Always keep in mind whatever the legal requirements apply. Always try to follow the conditions.


Charging an ankle monitor without a charger is entirely possible and affordable. But we must be more aware and vigilant while using these resources as these are temporary solutions. Every time, we must ready two or more resources for charging to avoid an uninterrupted power supply.

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